Featured Advance Notice – Consultation on the Future of Child Theology

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Advance notice

A consultation on


One conversation in two places:

High Leigh, Hoddesdon, UK 25-29 July 2016 and

Centre for Theology and Ministry, Melbourne, Australia, 7-11 November 2016

Planning is well underway for our upcoming conference in High Leigh, invitations have been sent and people have responded. We will keep you informed as the programme for the conference is finalised. 

Thinking under the banner of Child Theology has been developed since 2002.   Child Theology belongs to the wide span of Christian activity which brings children and theology together.  It shares with many others a concern to see and value children in the full light of the good news of God in Jesus Christ.   It is

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Karl Barth and Eduard Thurneysen – Child Theologians? By Haddon Willmer


Karl Barth and Eduard Thurneysen’s God’s Search for Man (English translation, 1935) is a collection of sermons. The two men were very close and it is fair to assume they went along with each other’s sermons, especially those which were published together. This collection  includes one, by Thurneysen,  called ‘The New Beginning’, on the text of Matthew 18.1-9. It is a piece of child theology.

The sermon begins:

Jesus places children before us.  He uses them as a parable in order to say something decisive to us. Children are people who still stand at the beginning of life…..For them… everything is filled with possibility and promise; life is an open book filled with unwritten pages….

For us (grown-ups) it is too late for almost everything.  We do not have an undeveloped life before

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Happy Christmas? Haddon Willmer, 2015

Note: this post first appeared on the Moortown Baptist church blog, reposted here with permission of Haddon Willmer.

Happy Christmas?


By Haddon Willmer.

At the art class I go to each week, we were given Christmas as a theme for our next attempt. I dislike tinsel, though like most people I get entangled in it every year. It comes in many kinds and it seems churlish to do a Scrooge on it, saying ‘Humbug’.

share_2070826246But how to paint a picture doing justice to Christmas as told in the Gospels? This is daunting if one is not a skilled painter; and even more daunting when one

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CTM Newsletter No 14 September 2015


Boletín informativo No. 14 del Movimiento de Teología Infantil [CTM por sus siglas en inglés],
Septiembre de 2015

CTM Newsletter No 14 September 2015

Este boletín informativo se presenta en español e inglés como parte del desarrollo de la página web del CTM y como respuesta a una creciente demanda.

This newsletter comes in both Spanish and English as part of the development of the CTM website and in response to a growing demand.

Punto de Ingreso:    Hacia una Teología del Niño con Mateo 18      

Entry Point:                Towards Child Theology with Matthew 18                                                                

La edición en español de este libro escrito por Haddon Willmer y Keith White se lanzó durante la Conferencia sobre Teología Infantil (CT) celebrada en Quito, Ecuador a finales de agosto de 2015.  Pueden conseguirse

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CTM Newsletter No 13 March 2015


Another brief update from the directors of CTM as Easter nears once again.

We wish you a joyful Easter and God’s gift of peace through the risen Jesus Christ
and in the power of the Holy Spirit.

Four items of news right now …

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1. Entry Point: Towards Child Theology with Matthew 18

This book by Haddon Willmer and Keith White is currently being translated into Spanish. We are glad that it will be accessible to many more readers. It will be ready for the Quito Conference (see below).

From 20 March, 2015, the English version of Entry Point will be also be available in all electronic formats including iBook and Kindle. The ISBN (different from the printed book) is: 9780956475749, and it can be sourced from that

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CTM Newsletter No 12 December 2014


This brief Advent newsletter of the Child Theology Movement comes on behalf of the directors of CTM bringing news and greetings in the name of Jesus to all who are associated or connected with through this lively, growing movement.  May you experience the joy of Christ at Christmas, and His presence and peace in 2015.

The directors met face to face in London at the end of October 2014 and this was a good time to take stock of some of the developments in the past twelve months.

Four Books

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Entry Point: Towards Child Theology with Matthew 18 was published a year ago, and since then there have been reviews and comments suggesting that this will

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Entry Point



A fascinating evening with the book’s two authors
15 MAY 2014

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Re-Imagining the Seminary: International Conference on Theological Education Leadership 11–14 September 2013 Bucharest, Romania. View report

Child Theology in Africa: Exploring current themes and issues 11-15 November 2013, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia
(This event has taken place)

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