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A team of regular bloggers, and guests, contribute to this site. Below is more information on our regular contributors.

Beth Barnett is a post-colonial, post-Christendom, post-modern Australian practitioner, teacher, artist and resource writer. Thinking about, theologising, facilitating and advocating for children and families, as both vulnerable and vibrant participators in the community of the cosmos, of which Jesus is the resurrected and revealed Lord, has been at the heart of Beth’s service in pastoral, local mission and denominational consulting roles. She is currently completing a doctorate in New Testament studies, reconsidering the hermeneutical marginalization of ‘images of the child’ in Pauline literature, and discourses of maturity, development and power.

Stuart Christine grew up in Nottingham. Stuart studied physics at Oxford and worked in R&D before completing theological studies at Spurgeon’s College. With his wife, Georgie he spent ten years church planting in MatoGrosso State, Brazil, with BMS World Mission, before returning to Spurgeon’s as of New Testament Tutor. Four years later the family returned to Brazil with BMS, at the invitation of the São Paulo Baptist Seminary, where their work also included holistic mission in the city’s favela slums. His wife Georgie developed a church-based Pre-School Mission Program for deprived communities – PEPE – now in some twenty other countries, and attended by more than 10,000 children, and for which she received the OBE in 2006. In 2012 they moved to Manchester where they currently work with Brownley Green Baptist church, and where Stuart is pursuing PhD studies in Child Theology and mission in deprived urban communities. They have four children and have recently become grandparents.

Haddon Willmer retired as Professor from the University of Leeds in 1998, where he taught theology for thirty-two years, with special interests in forgiveness and politics, Barth and Bonhoeffer and the future of Christian faith at the mercy of today’s church and world. From 2000–2012, he enjoyed being a research tutor at the Oxford Centre for Mission Studies, accompanying at least thirteen interesting students on their way to PhDs. He has been a trustee of the Child Theology Movement from its inception, and of PACE (Parents against Child Sexual Exploitation) since it was founded in 1996. He is married to Hilary, a partner beyond price and a creative Christian social activist in Leeds. They have three children and eight grandchildren. Author of numerous books and scholarly articles, with Keith White he has recently published Entry Point: Towards Child Theology with Matthew 18. Writing the book over ten years, his eyes were opened afresh to Jesus.

David Chronic has been serving in Romania with Word Made Flesh since 1998. Currently, he serves as Regional Coordinator for Europe and Africa. Together with his wife Lenuța, they work among vulnerable youth and poor families, providing education, counseling and mentoring through Day Centers and community development. David also facilitates a semester-abroad program and other internships, providing formation in a context of missional service. David has contributed articles and chapters on cross-cultural mission among the poor to qideas.orgLiving Mission: the vision and voices of New Friars and Theology, Mission and Child.

Bill Prevette’s interest in at-risk children and youth can be traced, in part, to his own childhood at Methodist Children’s Home in North Carolina. After several years pursuing a career as a professional skier, climbing guide and ocean yachtsman, he changed direction, earned a BA in Biblical Studies and Counseling, and began working with at-risk youth and children in Los Angeles. There, he also completed an MA in Urban Anthropology and Missiology from Fuller.  In 1989, Bill and his family moved to Southeast Asia to direct church-based development projects minis­tering to youth, children and women at risk from poverty, conflict and human trafficking in Thailand, Cambodia, and the neighboring countries. Thirteen years later, the Prevettes moved across the world to Romania, where Bill conducted doctoral research on the ways in which faith-based organizations and churches there have partnered to help children and youth in crisis. After completing his Ph.D. at the Oxford Centre for Mission Studies in 2008, he moved to Oxford to become a research tutor for OCMS students from all over the world.

Maria Hammarström studied for her Master of Divinity degree in theology at Uppsala University, then went on to take a vocational degree as church educator and youth leader within the Lutheran Church of Sweden. After some years of parochial work she came to work as theology coordinator at Church of Sweden Youth, a movement for children and young people within the Church of Sweden, and has remained there for seventeen years. Alongside with this job, Maria taught theology during ten years at a vocational school for church educators. Apart from a lifelong love of doing theology and trying to follow Jesus, Maria’s passion has been with human rights issues, child spirituality and children’s literature. Telling stories that help you live and asking the right questions remain her life goals. Maria is married, has two children and lives in Sweden.