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I did not send them – yet they ran – paper from H Willmer

I did not send them yet they ran: 

Missiology and theology : Is theology essential for missiology?

We have heard that some want missiology without theology.  We are at the spluttering stage in response:  how can something so preposterous be given a moment’s attention, let alone be the basis for the proposal to spend good money on an international consultation to do some missiology untroubled by theology?   We splutter, like the old man in One Foot in the Grave –  I don’t believe it.

Jeremiah, an extreme prophet, was a great splutterer.  See  Jer 2 9-13.  Heaven can’t believe what he has to tell – so it is appalled.  But like all good prophets, Jeremiah got beyond the spluttering stage, and he was given something more to say.

We need to get

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Haddon Willmer on Beth’s Paper – 9-8-11

Thank you for showing me this.  Here are my reactions.

1   It led me to read once more Beth’s 4/14 reflection.  I am more than grateful for it – it is quite stunning in the depth and precision of the theology, ie talking of and from God and not just performing well academically, and in the way it addresses a large group of contemporary disciples who are having difficulty in entering the kingdom of God.  I would like to see this paper as a CTM booklet.  It needs to be developed:  there are many pregnant and searching sentences in it that need further exposition, in order to be made clear.   In its essence, if it were detached from the immediate critical polemic that gave

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