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Entry Point

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Book Review – Amazon- By Helen Reid5.0 out of 5 stars

Child Theology isn’t only for Children, 15 May 2014

I have enjoyed reading and discussing Entry Point. Towards Child Theology with Matthew 18 by Haddon Willmer and Keith J White. Some people might read the title of the book, think ‘I don’t really relate to children in my life’ and therefore decide not to read it. They are missing out. It is not a child-friendly theology of the ‘child in our midst’. Rather it is a theology of the child placed by Jesus in the midst of disciples seeking the kingdom of

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Toddling to the Kingdom

Toddling to the Kingdom
by John Collier, Marcia Bunge, John Wall, Keith White, Haddon Willmer, Bill Prevette and others
ISBN: 987-0-9560993-0-3

The following from :

Two New Books Related to Theology and Children

Reviewed by Don Ratcliff, Ph.D.

Collier, John (editor). Toddling to the kingdom: Child theology at work in the church. London: Child Theology Movement, 2009.

Richards, Anne, & Peter Privett (editors). Through the eyes of a child: New insights in theology from a child’s perspective. London: Church House Publishing, 2009.

These two volumes are filled with theology, each is written by a variety of talented scholars, relate to children, and they are both from the U.K. That is where the resemblance ends. Each of these important contributions to the study of theology and children is worth the time to read

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