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introducing myself – David Chronic

Bill Prevette asked me to introduce myself on the blog. My name is David Chronic. I’ve lived in Romania since 1996 (in Galati since 1997) and since 1998 served with Word Made Flesh, a community that seeks to serve Jesus among the poor. In Romania we have primarily served among children that were institutionalized, living on the streets, and at-risk of abandonment.

I am currently serving as the regional coordinator for our communities in Romania, the Republic of Moldova, and Sierra Leone. I just recently finished my dissertation for the London School of TheologyMA program in aspects in biblical interpretation. I looked at the relationship between the theology of the poor of St. Basil of Caesarea and his praxis for the poor. Here is an abstract:

Saint Basil

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My hope for CTM and its future

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“’John is saved, though Mary isn’t, and we are not quite sure about Bill,’ two Christian parents speaking of their own children, all under the age of twelve and who are completely aware of what is being said, and they react accordingly.” Some time ago I read a Christian book about children and came across this affirmation.* Of course, such thinking is familiar to me (meaning that I am aware of what theology and attitude to the faith lies behind it) but nevertheless I was struck by the “reality” of this seemingly ordinary and well accepted Christian consideration of those parents about their most loved ones; it sounded to me like the parents were saying that John (“like us, the

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Happy Christmas? Haddon Willmer, 2015

Note: this post first appeared on the Moortown Baptist church blog, reposted here with permission of Haddon Willmer.

Happy Christmas?


By Haddon Willmer.

At the art class I go to each week, we were given Christmas as a theme for our next attempt. I dislike tinsel, though like most people I get entangled in it every year. It comes in many kinds and it seems churlish to do a Scrooge on it, saying ‘Humbug’.

share_2070826246But how to paint a picture doing justice to Christmas as told in the Gospels? This is daunting if one is not a skilled painter; and even more daunting when one

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Child Theology as a Seed

by Keith J. White

One way of describing Child Theology, as understood by the Child Theology Movement is as the rediscovery of a theological seed and the planting and replanting of it in different soils and environments around the world. The seed is so seemingly insignificant that it has been overlooked for the most part for two thousand years. But on closer inspection it has within it the potential to change everything. This paper explores just a few of the ways in which it might do this.


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