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My hope for CTM and its future

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“’John is saved, though Mary isn’t, and we are not quite sure about Bill,’ two Christian parents speaking of their own children, all under the age of twelve and who are completely aware of what is being said, and they react accordingly.” Some time ago I read a Christian book about children and came across this affirmation.* Of course, such thinking is familiar to me (meaning that I am aware of what theology and attitude to the faith lies behind it) but nevertheless I was struck by the “reality” of this seemingly ordinary and well accepted Christian consideration of those parents about their most loved ones; it sounded to me like the parents were saying that John (“like us, the

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Child Theology and the African Context

Chris Jones reviewed this CTM booklet for Kerkbode – the Dutch Reformed Church in South Africa’s newspaper.

Child Theology for Africa. Child Theology and the African Context by Jan Grobbelaar

This book is brave, gripping and enlightening. Jan Grobbelaar describes the reality of the context the African children are living in. The unique insights of this book should be heard beyond the borders of Africa.

This book can be meaningful and contribute to the wellness of believing communities, but only if we notice the children around us, listen to them and recognise that they are God’s agents of love, grace and power in this world.

This book consist of 5 parts. This first part the writer tells of his methodology of his theology. In his methodology he uses the children of Africa

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The Contribution of Child Theology to the HCD Course and Beyond

The Contribution of Child Theology to the HCD Course and Beyond

by Keith J. White

My intention is to describe what Child Theology is and what it offers to the whole of the HCD course and to participating seminaries. It represents a unifying framework and foundation for HCD with contributions and challenges to each module. It also welcomes the contributions and challenges from the real life situations of students and the rest of the course: the “wisdom of experience”.

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Child: model or sign?

Aniu is a seminary teacher in Nagaland who is doing research at OCMS on forgiveness where there is political assassination (as in his own country).   He recently sent me this paper arising from his work in the church, rather than from his research.   He has given me permission to share it on this blog.

I also add the response I made to his paper.

I am sure that he would be glad to hear directly from anyone who reads this paper.   We might discuss it on the blog and invite him to share in the discussion.  He knows about CTM but he has ‘never been able to understand what it really is about’. Aniu is a very sharp person so that comment is a challenge.

Will the Real Model Please Stand Up?

Kethoser (Aniu) Kevichusa



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I did not send them – yet they ran – paper from H Willmer

I did not send them yet they ran: 

Missiology and theology : Is theology essential for missiology?

We have heard that some want missiology without theology.  We are at the spluttering stage in response:  how can something so preposterous be given a moment’s attention, let alone be the basis for the proposal to spend good money on an international consultation to do some missiology untroubled by theology?   We splutter, like the old man in One Foot in the Grave –  I don’t believe it.

Jeremiah, an extreme prophet, was a great splutterer.  See  Jer 2 9-13.  Heaven can’t believe what he has to tell – so it is appalled.  But like all good prophets, Jeremiah got beyond the spluttering stage, and he was given something more to say.

We need to get

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Child Theology and the Reflective Practitioner: Is child theology relevant for missionaries?

by Bill Prevette Ph.D.

 When I was first asked to address ‘child theology’ at this conference, I worried that that such a topic would provoke glazed eyes and questions like, ‘and just how is this topic supposed to help me as a missionary or practitioner?’ What follows is a short reflection and outline drawn from personal experience in working with both Child Theology and missionary practice.


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