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Insights into Child Theology through the Life and Work of Pandita Ramabai

Insights into Child Theology through the Life and Work of Pandita Ramabai

by Keith J. White

This paper links two subjects, the life and work of Pandita Ramabai, and Child Theology, with which not everyone is familiar, and so it contains a brief summary of the key elements of each. Next issues arising from the emerging process of Child Theology are identified. These are considered in turn to see what insights the life and work of Ramabai provide for Child Theology. The paper concludes with some ideas about future developments. It begins with a prelude in which I describe how I came to be engaged in studying Ramabai, and with the development of Child Theology.

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Child Theology and the Emerging Theology of Development

The brief I have been given today encourages me! It is good to know that you are serious about the theology of development! In my experience it tends to get squeezed out in one of two ways. First it seems marginal to those engaged in the heat of the battle trying to combat poverty and to evangelise and transform the world before Jesus Christ comes again. Second, theology is marginalised by the theorising on development that relies on (excellent, but by definition, limited) secular models.

Let me tell you how I went about this task. I read through a number of texts that those in development pointed me to, and listed the main issues in the theology of development that I found in them. Then I sifted and prioritised them into

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Can Theology Audit Organisations? (Action-Reflection from field work)

My friend and colleague David Chronic (lives and works in Romania and is the regional director Word Made Flesh )

David is new to our Child Theology Blog. We had a long Skype call the other night about the role of theology in serving poor families and children in his setting, Galati, Romania. I used the term in our conversation ‘theological audit’

He sent me an interesting question: ‘What would be some good questions to ask an organization for a theological audit’.

I know this is a broad question but between our Blog members you could offer David some suggestion.

I am going to attach a short section of something I wrote in my thesis that put David’s organization (World Made Flesh) in a possible scenario where theology was used in an

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Jesus placed a child in their midst, not on the stage. by Beth Barnett

Jesus placed a child in their midst, not on the stage.
Reflections on the 4-14 window conference, Singapore, Sept 5-9
Child theology: a worked example
Beth Barnett
Academic and Theological Transformation Track
What can this actually mean – without betraying our important prior commitment to relinquishing a grasp on children as tools or weapons or appliances in our own causes?
It cannot mean that we simply exchange children for adults in positions of power within systems that are fundamentally antithetical to the kingdom paradigm. There are movements which seek to do this – elevating children as imitators of adult preachers, prophets, missioners. It may mean that adults disengage from such systems, and in that freedom, develop new ways of relating with children, which neither objectify (as a means

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