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introducing myself – David Chronic

Bill Prevette asked me to introduce myself on the blog. My name is David Chronic. I’ve lived in Romania since 1996 (in Galati since 1997) and since 1998 served with Word Made Flesh, a community that seeks to serve Jesus among the poor. In Romania we have primarily served among children that were institutionalized, living on the streets, and at-risk of abandonment.

I am currently serving as the regional coordinator for our communities in Romania, the Republic of Moldova, and Sierra Leone. I just recently finished my dissertation for the London School of TheologyMA program in aspects in biblical interpretation. I looked at the relationship between the theology of the poor of St. Basil of Caesarea and his praxis for the poor. Here is an abstract:

Saint Basil

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Can Theology Audit Organisations? (Action-Reflection from field work)

My friend and colleague David Chronic (lives and works in Romania and is the regional director Word Made Flesh )

David is new to our Child Theology Blog. We had a long Skype call the other night about the role of theology in serving poor families and children in his setting, Galati, Romania. I used the term in our conversation ‘theological audit’

He sent me an interesting question: ‘What would be some good questions to ask an organization for a theological audit’.

I know this is a broad question but between our Blog members you could offer David some suggestion.

I am going to attach a short section of something I wrote in my thesis that put David’s organization (World Made Flesh) in a possible scenario where theology was used in an

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Child: model or sign?

Aniu is a seminary teacher in Nagaland who is doing research at OCMS on forgiveness where there is political assassination (as in his own country).   He recently sent me this paper arising from his work in the church, rather than from his research.   He has given me permission to share it on this blog.

I also add the response I made to his paper.

I am sure that he would be glad to hear directly from anyone who reads this paper.   We might discuss it on the blog and invite him to share in the discussion.  He knows about CTM but he has ‘never been able to understand what it really is about’. Aniu is a very sharp person so that comment is a challenge.

Will the Real Model Please Stand Up?

Kethoser (Aniu) Kevichusa



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Haddon Willmer on Beth’s Paper – 9-8-11

Thank you for showing me this.  Here are my reactions.

1   It led me to read once more Beth’s 4/14 reflection.  I am more than grateful for it – it is quite stunning in the depth and precision of the theology, ie talking of and from God and not just performing well academically, and in the way it addresses a large group of contemporary disciples who are having difficulty in entering the kingdom of God.  I would like to see this paper as a CTM booklet.  It needs to be developed:  there are many pregnant and searching sentences in it that need further exposition, in order to be made clear.   In its essence, if it were detached from the immediate critical polemic that gave

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