Child Theology and the African Context

Chris Jones reviewed this CTM booklet for Kerkbode – the Dutch Reformed Church in South Africa’s newspaper.

Child Theology for Africa. Child Theology and the African Context by Jan Grobbelaar

This book is brave, gripping and enlightening. Jan Grobbelaar describes the reality of the context the African children are living in. The unique insights of this book should be heard beyond the borders of Africa.

This book can be meaningful and contribute to the wellness of believing communities, but only if we notice the children around us, listen to them and recognise that they are God’s agents of love, grace and power in this world.

This book consist of 5 parts. This first part the writer tells of his methodology of his theology. In his methodology he uses the children of Africa as his hermeneutical lens.

In the second part he discusses the realities of the context that the children in Africa is living in. He compares their situation with the biblical view of “the child in our midst” and he comes to the conclusion that the children of Africa us can help to see our theology in a new light.

In the third part Grobbelaar concentrates on the fact that the African child does not stand alone but is interconnected with other children. It challenges the reader to redevelop Christian theology so that the importance of ubuntu can be seen.

In the forth part the context of the children of Africa into a biblical perspective and also the wider Christian tradition.

Lastly he looks at the implications of an African child theology for the church. He also formulates a few challenges for the African and world wide church. He also includes 5 possible processes that can be implemented to make child ministry more effective in the church.

This important book reads easy. It takes out of the richness of African tales and sayings and it opens for us an unique window on the kingdom of God.

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