Child Theology and the Emerging Theology of Development

The brief I have been given today encourages me! It is good to know that you are serious about the theology of development! In my experience it tends to get squeezed out in one of two ways. First it seems marginal to those engaged in the heat of the battle trying to combat poverty and to evangelise and transform the world before Jesus Christ comes again. Second, theology is marginalised by the theorising on development that relies on (excellent, but by definition, limited) secular models.

Let me tell you how I went about this task. I read through a number of texts that those in development pointed me to, and listed the main issues in the theology of development that I found in them. Then I sifted and prioritised them into three clusters, before seeing how what I knew of Child Theology might throw light on them. There is risk inherent in such a way of going about things. The writers may not be representative. Things may have moved on. You may have quite other issues of pressing importance. Be that as it may the die is cast and I will share with you my work in progress

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