CTM Newsletter No 10 May 2013

Here is another digest of some of the latest news relating to Child Theology and the Child Theology Movement.

Re-Imagining the Seminary: International Conference on Theological Education Leadership 11–14 September 2013 Bucharest, Romania

This four day event, organized by Institutul Teologic Penticostal, Bucharest, Romania

and Evan?eoski Teološki Fakultet, Osijek, Croatia in partnership with the Child Theology Movement invites leaders in seminaries in Eastern Europe to join a process of radical re-evaluation of Theological Education Leadership in light of the nature and values of the Kingdom of God as expressed by Jesus’ symbolic gesture of placing a child in the midst of a theological argument on leadership in the Kingdom (Matthew 18).

It aims to: reflect on, discuss, and imagine, new ways of following and embodying the values of the Kingdom of God while living in the kingdoms of this world; to rethink the nature of Christian leadership from the perspective of the Kingdom of God as opposed to models following paradigms available in the contemporary predominant culture; to take stock of how Christian seminaries in Eastern Europe have developed since 1990 in relation to church and mission in society; to ask what seminaries are called to become and what they are to make of themselves; and to re-imagine the seminary by reconsidering the content and methods of teaching and learning. For further information contact the Chair of the Organising Committee, Dr. Corneliu Constantineanu: rector@itpbucuresti.ro.

Child Theology in Africa: Exploring current themes and issues 11-15 November 2013, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

This will be the third CTM- partnered theological consultation of conference in Africa. The previous two were in Cape Town (2004) and Addis (2006). The text of the reports of these events is available on the CTM website. We are delighted that things have moved on since 2006, and this time the primary material will come from Africa and Africans. Those who come from other parts of the world to Addis will be asked to respond to, and reflect on that. And we are seeking to involved mainstream theologians in the conversation. Two of the publications that will be available are: Johannes Malherbe’s book, Saved by the Lion? Stories of African Children Encountering Outsiders, published by ChildNet in 2011; and Child Theology and the African Context by Jan Grobbelaar and brings an African perspective on Child Theology (ISBN: 978-0-9560993-4-1).

There are three aims: to identify emerging theological questions and thinking in the field of Child Theology; to begin the process of doing theologically focussed reflection on them together; to help develop and nurture a community of scholars in Africa connected to the emerging worldwide community of scholars linked by CTM. For further information contact: Victor Nakah: victor.nakah@gmail.com.

Christian Theology and Human Development: a retrospective on the work of Professor James E. Loder

It was agreed at this conference, convened by CTM that Dana Wright and Keith J. White would edit and prepare a collection of the papers presented at the School of Christian Vocation and Mission at Princeton Theological Seminary. At present we are exploring possible methods of publishing this book. The contributors include: Jerome Berryman; Beth Barnett; Mark Koonz; Thomas J Hastings; Ajit Prasadam; Keith J. White; Haddon Willmer; Dana R. Wright.

Other Conferences and Consultations

Faith and Thought (formerly the Victoria Institute): ‘Unless you become as little children’: Children’s Spirituality meets Christian Theology, was held at Kings Cross Baptist Church, London on Saturday 20th October 2012. Both Haddon Willmer and Keith J. White presented papers and these will be published in the 2013 edition of Faith and Thought.

Introducing Child Theology: this was a training conference convened by the Salvation Army in Norway on 12-14th February 2013 led by Keith J. White.

We now have some notes of the Child Theology Consultation held at Hvittorp, Kirkkonummi in Finland from 15th -18th March 2011, God’s way signed by the child (The child placed by Jesus as a sign of the Kingdom of God). It was an event jointly convened by the Lutheran Church in Finland and CTM. At this stage the notes are not in a form that can be published, but they are available to any who would like to study them.

CTM Website

This site has been completely redesigned and simplified to make it easier to navigate and to manage. Once it is live we would welcome feedback on how it is working, and how it could be improved.

Research in Child Theology-Related Areas

The doctoral postgraduates that we are aware of at the moment are: Beth Barnett, Stuart Christine and D.J. Konz. We hope to be able to connect these to others committed to research in Child Theology.


The directors of CTM continue to meet at least three times a year. On 29th April 2013 D.J. Konz joined the board. The charity exists to facilitate a theological movement. It is a response and act of obedience to Jesus’ revolutionary action of placing a child in the midst of a key theological discussion (Matthew 18). The intention is to reform all theological reflection and enquiry ‘with a child in the midst’ and to ensure that theology of this kind informs every aspect of the church’s life and mission, including that which relates to children.

CTM Publication Depots

We are pleased to say that we now have depots of CTM publications around the world. These include: Malaysia, Zimbabwe, Canada, India, Australia, Romania and the UK. Further details will be available via the CTM website. Our policy of making as much material as possible available for download free on the website is continuing. The first port of call when anyone is seeking a publication is to contact Caroline Harrison at millgrove@btinternet.com.

Child Theology Related Publications

Marcia Bunge’s fourth book in the series that began with The Child in Christian Thought is underway. It is a series of theological reflections on aspects of systematic theology with a child in the foreground.

The third book is: Children, Adults, and Shared Responsibilities: Jewish, Christian, and Muslim Perspectives (Cambridge University Press, 2012).

The book by Haddon Willmer and Keith J. White will be published by WTL Publications later this year. The working title is now, Entry Point. This company launched the NIrV Narrative and Illustrated Bible. The MS is virtually complete with finishing touches being put to the seventh and final chapter.

Introducing Child Theology: Theological Foundations for HCD. A second and revised edition was published in August 2012, available in hard copy and for download on the HCD Global Alliance website.

Bill Prevette’s Child, Church and Compassion: Towards Child Theology in Romania was published by Regnum in 2012.

Child, Theology and Mission is the working title of a book in the series commissioned following the Edinburgh 2010 conference on World Mission. The co-editors are Bill Prevette, RosaleeVelloso Ewell, and Keith J. White.

A Call for News

Please do let us know if there is news or questions that you would like to share with the community connected by CTM.


Keith J. White

Chair of CTM


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