CTM Newsletter No 15 December 2017

As Christmas nears here is a brief digest of news over recent months.

In July 2016 the journal Transformation devoted an edition (Vol 33 No 3) to Children at Risk, guest- edited by Bill Prevette and Susan Greener.

The book Entry Point by Haddon Willmer and Keith White has been translated into Spanish, and published under the title Punto de Ingreso.  It is available in hard copy or a Kindle edition.

A two-part conversation on the future or futures of Child Theology took place in 2016.  The report of the event in London is on the website, and papers from Melbourne in hand, but a report still awaited.  Helpfully the gathering at High Leigh listed a raft of possible ideas and actions, and the new board has begun to process these.

In June this year the directors met in Aberdeen, where in addition to a board meeting, they celebrated the completion of DJ Konz’s PhD on child and childhood in the theology of Karl Barth.  At this event three of the directors retired as planned, Marcia Bunge, Bill Prevette and Haddon Willmer, and CTM remains indebted to them for their diligent and faithful service over many years.  Shortly afterwards four new members agreed to join the board.  The first meeting of the new group was held in Birmingham, UK.

The new CTM board from left to right: Keith White, Sally Nash, Paul Butler, Paul Nash and Stuart Christine.

Since 2001 CTM has received support and funding from Compassion International, and we are profoundly grateful for the confidence this organisation placed in our fledgling network and movement.  With the completion of this support, the directors are exploring new ways of facilitating the vision of CTM.  From the outset the movement was international and for several years Penang in Malaysia was its preferred base for international conferences.  The board of directors was drawn from Africa, South East Asia, Australasia, North America and Europe.  At least one meeting of the board was face to face.  Now with finance tight, the new board is based in the UK, but with the intention of establishing some form of international advisory group or panel of reference drawn from the many who have travelled for all or part of the journey with us.  Thoughts and comments on this would be warmly welcomed.

Hard copies of several of the conference reports (see the world map for a visual record of where they have been and when held) are still available, along with copies of the four booklets.  There are lots of copies of Toddling to the Kingdom in the London store.

We envisage however that the CTM website and electronic communication will be keys to the development of future discussions and action related to Child Theology.  So these are a priority for the new board.

The season of Advent resonates with hopes and longing for the Kingdom of Heaven.  It combines a focus on celebrating the coming of God in Christ as a baby, and also Christ’s promised second coming in glory.  In the name of Jesus Christ, babe of Bethlehem and coming King, we wish you a blessed time over Christmas, and look forward to being in conversation with you in 2018.

Keith White

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