CTM Newsletter No 7 June 2011

Here is another brief digest of CTM news since January 2011 sent to those who have subscribed on the CTM website. Please let us have comments, further information and ideas. CTM is a network, not an organization, and so the flow of information is one of the most important commodities available to us!

Loder Conference: Stop Press News

There is growing interest in this important event convened by CTM at Princeton, and planning continues with a number of people worldwide having offered papers, but we have decided to postpone it until Spring 2012. We believe that this will increase the quality of the symposium, give more time for making the event known, will avoid a clash with 4-14 Global Summit in Singapore, and will be a better time of the year for academics teaching in North America. We also believe that we will be able to handle to conference booking through the CTM website.

We will advertise the revised date as soon as it is known. Meanwhile we invite you to consider coming, contributing, and as important as both of these, letting friends and colleagues know about it. There is a call for papers on the CTM website (Events). Professor James Loder’s The Logic of the Spirit is pioneering work on the interface between theology and human development theory, and we believe it is important for CTM to be engaged with others at this interface seeking appropriate models of interaction and debate.

Consultations and Conferences

Second Indian CT Consultation 
Bangalore 3-5th February 2011

This was a well-attended and a committed and enthusiastic gathering that built on the first CT Consultation held in Secunderbad in November 2008. A report of the event is in preparation, and will be available in both hard copy and electronic forms. A steering group was set up and further consultations are being considered. For further information contact Paul Joshua [pauljoshuab@gmail.com ].

Finnish Lutheran Consultation 
Hvittorp, Helsinki 15-18th March 2011

Three directors of CTM and Dr Rosalind Tan from HCDI, Malaysia contributed to this intensive residential consultation at the invitation of the Lutheran Church. It was the first time that CTM had engaged with representatives of a single denomination in a particular country, and that meant that we were all on new and sometimes unfamiliar territory. Discussion took place in English, Finnish and Swedish. Notes were taken (mostly in English) and it is hoped that they will be available in some form in due course.

Now and Next: Nairobi Theological Conference on Children
Karen, Nairobi 9-12th March 2011

CTM was a leading partner in this international conference at which Marcia Bunge and I gave plenary keynote papers. Other directors also gave formal papers and input. The term “Child Theology” was in common use, although it was not always obvious what it meant in different contexts. A report of the event is being prepared. It was, as far as the organizers were aware, the first international conference concerned with children that had theology at its heart. There is a lot of work ahead, but it marks a beginning.

Conversations Arising from Now and Next Nairobi

South America: several delegates from South America asked when the next CT consultation on this continent would be held (previous events have taken place in Sao Paolo, 2006 and Quito, 2007).

Theological Pentecostal InstituteBucharest: the director, Corneliu Constantineanu, and colleagues, are in discussion with CTM to explore themes and contours for a theological conference in Eastern Europe in 2011-2012, drawing from CTM’s experience and knowledge.

CT in Africa: the new CTM trustee, Victor Nakah is continuing the conversations initiated by Shiferaw Michael with a view to developing new models of theological education in Africa. Discussions have involved people from both Francophone and Anglophone countries.

South African Theological Seminary (SATS)

This emerging seminary which is pioneering new forms of distance and online theological education convened a conference in Johannesburg in May 2011 that focused on a theologically informed and holistic approach to children’s ministry. I was privileged to give three plenary papers (one in partnership with my friend and colleague, Dan Brewster), and to lead four workshops. Jan Grobbelaar and Johannes Malherbe were among the delegates who have been working with us in developing CT in Africa over several years. Jan has been asked to contribute to a rethinking of the core undergraduate curriculum with a view to integrating CT perspectives and insights.

CTM Australasia

A small network using the name CTM Australia mounted a number of meetings in Melbourne in June 2010 which resulted in a publication, Toddling Forward. This is available in pdf format via the CTM website.

A postgraduate student is engaged in a Masters dissertation on CT and CTM at Tabor College, and DJ Konz has begun his doctoral studies at OCMS. Two trustees of CTM are among those supervising his research.

We continue to look at ways in which the networking in Australia may provide a model both in the way it operates in this part of the world, but also in how it connects with others worldwide (network/federation/coalition etc).


The directors met in Nairobi, March 2011, and it is a joy to announce that Victor Nakah was appointed to replace Shiferauw Michael. We are greatly indebted to Shiferauw for his wisdom, energy, Christian commitment, and clarity of thought: he is an impossible act to follow. But Victor has been in touch with CT and CTM for ten years or so, and is well placed to help develop CTM’s African initiative. Our next meeting is a telecom in June. If there is anything you would like us to discuss, please let me know.

Publications and Website

Steady sales of CT Reports, Booklets and Toddling to the Kingdom, continue. Copies of these and all other CTM publications may be easily obtained through our website: www.childtheology.org. The website has been updated with additional material and links, and we have just completed the first stage of the facility of being able to process conference applications and bookings online.

We are currently reviewing the logistics of storage and distribution of CTM publications, and will be moving a substantial quantity to Australia. If you have constructive ideas or promising contacts, do let us know. We are aiming to have depots in strategic locations on each continent.

Cliff College and CTM

We held a “Faculty Meeting” and “Taster Day” at Cliff College in April. The intention is to extend the number of those able to teach CT, and to test possibilities for future courses, teaching and research.

A Residential Unit is planned for Tuesday 15th to Friday 18th November 2011, and details of theme, content and booking will be on the CTM and CC websites very soon.

Keith J. White
Chair of CTM
[millgrove@btinternet.com ]

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