The Future of Child Theology Consultation – Melbourne, 7-11 Nov. 2016

A consultation on


Centre for Theology and Ministry, Melbourne, Australia, 7-11 November 2016

Thinking under the banner of Child Theology has been developed since 2002.   Child Theology belongs to the wide span of Christian activity which brings children and theology together.  It shares with many others a concern to see and value children in the full light of the good news of God in Jesus Christ.   It is also specially committed to thinking and talking of God with the child placed by Jesus in the midst.  What that aim implies and how it might be achieved are still open questions which are central to this consultation concerned with the future of Child Theology.

It is intended to be a participatory, open, and rigorous workshop, focused on key issues:  What roads have been travelled in the adventure of Child Theology?   Where have they come to?   What are we called to make of Child Theology in the future?  Who will contribute to this making – and how?

The consultation is being convened by the Child Theology Movement, but it should be made clear that it is not at all about the future of the movement as an organisation.  Child Theology is not the ideology of a movement.  It has worth only if it is a useful aspect of the discipleship to which all Christians are called.   It is theological activity, seeking the Kingdom of God with Jesus who, amongst many other things, placed a child in the midst of a crucial theological discussion.

If you are interested in learning more or attending the consultation contact us at the address below and we will then send you further information.

Chris Barnett (Australia Conference)

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